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Still selling TMR & Abingdon Boys School Stuff here! [Nov. 20th, 2010|02:27 pm]
abingdon boys school media

Hey there!

I'm still selling T.M.Revolution Wild Rush & Ignited over here

CD's/Comment CD's

Both are in perfect condition :3

And I also have one of the sold out girly shirts of Abingdon Boys Schools Europe Tour 2009 over here

Merchandise/Tour Goods

Size is XL but it also fits to L!
It was worn only once!
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Nippon Project Interview with Takanori [Dec. 22nd, 2009|08:54 pm]
abingdon boys school media

Interview with Takanori
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abingdon boys school - JAP [single] [May. 30th, 2009|03:52 pm]
abingdon boys school media

I'm assuming that this hasn't been posted up yet, and honestly the only reason I bought this single was because I found a $50 under my bed, and saw that a.b.s. had a new single coming out. :3 I'd still suggest that everyone goes out and gets their own copy, but if you decide not to, here's the single! (Sadly, they didn't include instrumental tracks. D:)

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Abingdon Boys School - JAP PV [May. 1st, 2009|09:27 pm]
abingdon boys school media

[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Abingdon boys school - JAP]

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LUNA SEA MEMORIAL COVER ALBUM -Re:birth- download? [Oct. 11th, 2008|10:58 pm]
abingdon boys school media
[music |abingdon boys school - Sweetest Coma Again]

Does anyone have this album uploaded anywhere? I've been looking frantically for it and can't seem to find it. >.< If anyone could give me a link I'd really appreciate it.
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ABS interview on JaME [Sep. 29th, 2008|06:35 pm]
abingdon boys school media

I just read an interview with ABS on JaME today.
Here's the link : http://www.jame-world.com/us/article.php?id=5809

They talk about wanting to perform overseas next year!
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Selling band posters, magazines, and anime artbooks~Yume's BJD fund! [Sep. 24th, 2008|12:57 pm]
abingdon boys school media

Shop here

Yep, I am selling jrock, kpop, jpop, cpop/tpop band posters. They are all brand new but for a couple. If it is used; I will tell you. Even so; the used posters are in excellent condition and just hung on one side with satin gift wrap tape and then I take it down I use a razor blade so the edges are clean and nothing is torn. My home is smoke free and so nothing is discolored. I take care of my stuff really really really well.

Anime artbooks are also in very excellent condition. They really look brand new and even smell it. I never really opened them. I mostly bought them for art reference years ago and looked through them a few times and then put them on a shelf. I still have the obi's for many of them.

The magazines I'm selling are in fair to so-so condition. I bought them from someone else. They feature Gackt except for the What's in? mag which has a nice little book inside that features SID. The best magazine, imo, is the holiday Gackt one. It has a few pages of Gackt dressed up in different outfits from around the world. It's pretty neat and humorous hehe. Also, be sure to check out the misc poster section. That is full of either artists I don't know or posters that feature more than one artist. For example; one of the posters is the lead singers of Ancafe, MUCC, and Plastic Tree.

if you have questions about any of the items; you can post them here. If you want to offer prices or buy something; then post on my livejournal page HERE!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! buy something from me XD I'm trying to save up for a ball jointed doll and as most of you know; those are very expensive. I don't want to take away from the money I've been working for and stacking up for the winter; so I'd like to recycle money put into these posters and artbooks into the doll of my dreams HAHA
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(Request) Japan Tour 08 [Aug. 6th, 2008|06:26 pm]
abingdon boys school media

Can someone please upload ABS Japan Tour 08 please on to Mediafire, Sendspace, or Megaupload. I would really appreciate it. Any uploading site would be great
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SELLING/TRADING Jrock posters/books/autographs [Mar. 14th, 2008|12:00 am]
abingdon boys school media

I hope this is okay...
Read more...Collapse )

[url=http://yumeko82.livejournal.com/17621.html]CLICK HERE[/url]
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Telephone Box from July 2007 [Jan. 15th, 2008|08:32 pm]
abingdon boys school media

I was wondering if anyone had the subbed version of abs on Hey!Hey!Hey!'s telephone box that they'd be willing to reupload.  The one on youtube has been taken down and kakitani's links have expired from that version.  Either version would be much appreciated. 
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